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The ccZ80++ language allows you to write programs for computers based on the Zilog microprocessor Z80, such as Amstrad CPC, Amstrad PCW, Spectrum and MSX among the most popular.

Can be used from Windows or also from Linux using WINE or Mono or from Mac using Mono. You need to have installed Microsoft .NET 4 Client Profile or other higher version.

It can be viewed as an evolution of the language ccz80, but ccZ80++ adds definition of classes, use of objects and a syntax closest to the C++ language to allow a more rapid learning.

Main features

For more extensive and detailed information of the characteristics refer to the specifications in the downloads section.

The ccz80 + + version of "Hello world" might be the following:

include Text.ccz80++

class Program
  static void main()
    Text.PrintString("Hello World");

An example that uses a definition of class and instance an object:

class Ball
  const minX = 1, maxX = 32;
  const minY = 1, maxY = 24;
  short coordX, coordY;

  public void SetPosicion(short newX, short newY)
     if (newX >= minX && newX <= maxX) coordX = newX;
     if (newY >= minY && newY <= maxY) coordY = newY;

  public void MoveLeft()

  public void MoveLeft(short positions)
     if (coordX - positions >= minX) coordX -= positions;
     else coordX = minX;

class Main
  static void main()
     Ball ball;
     ball.SetPosition(10, 12);

Classes provided

In the downloads section you can obtain a set of classes for use in the programs ccZ80++. These classes include the functions that are provided with the compiler ccz80.

When using one of these classes in a program it is recommended that you observe if at the beginning of your code uses the include statement to use other classes; in that case it will be necessary to download these classes also.

Use licence

The compiler can be used freely for personal use and non-profit organization.

For use in the creation of commercial programs consult with the author of ccZ80++.



Classes provided:


Amstrad CPC

It is important to download the correct version of the class Indirections for the model of CPC for which is going to create the program.

CP/M Plus